In a Different Life [AU Roleplay] 




Zasha looked at her son. She had never told him she had played pro-bending either. She had never shared anything that would make him know she had lived anywhere but Ember Island before. She knew he deserved to know about his father and brother but there was just too much pain for her. She only had half her family; and even if that was her choice, it still hurt to think about.

She finished unpacking the small bag she had with her, leaving the trunks for the next day. She moved over to her son and put a hand over his. “Mako, is what you need for tonight unpacked? Yes? Then the rest can wait for tomorrow.” which was a strange and fairly unusual thing for her to say. Usually it was finish what needed to be done before doing what was wanted to be done. But this once she was willing to let Mako be young and excited and just a little irresponsible. Tomorrow she could finish unpacking while he learned about the city he had nearly grown up in.

"Let’s go eat and go to the arena." She said, already walking to the front door. She paused, turned into her room and quickly fixed her hair and make up, making sure her clothes didn’t look to terrible from the boat trip. She nodded at her reflection and went back to the front door, opening it and looking back at her son.

Maybe there was a chance Ning would be out there. 

Ning took a step back watching the team, they really didn’t need him yet they said they needed him at every practice. Not that Ning mind he was more then happy to come to watch the team grow. Which they did, they grew stronger with every match, and even more with each match they did. What made the father even more happy was how much his son really enjoyed this sport much like his mother had. He started to wonder if she even listened to probending on the radio any more. Maybe she even cheered for her son sometimes. Was she proud of how he was raising their youngest?

He let out a long sigh running a hand through his hair. “Bolin! Light on the feet son. You plant yourself, Light on the feet so you can dodge and attack.” He called out shaking his head. This boy really liked to plant himself down.

He continued unpacking the rest of his things, counting down the time, when he would see his first live pro-bending match. Mako was excited, as thoughts of the game was on his mind. He was caught off guard, seeing his mother, right beside him with some interesting news. It looked like she was ready to take him to see the world of pro-bending, dropping their tasks half finished and leaving it for tomorrow. He nodded, “Yes, I have everything I need for tonight unpacked.”

Mako looked over his mom, seeing her ready to take him out toward the town. His ears perked up with the sound of food, feeling his stomach grumble. “Yes, let’s go eat and head to arena.” He chimed in after her, following her toward the front of door. She asked him to wait there for a moment, having to check on something, then returned. Mako noticed her made up, looking really pretty. It made him wonder, if his mother knew anyone in the city or maybe about his long lost dad. He exited their place, as his mom opened the door, awaiting for her to follow, then both proceeded to get something to eat.

Bo dodge each hit his team mates sent at him all three sending an attack at each other . It seemed that none of them blocked in time sending them all on to the ground only to have a rapture of laughter explode through the gym and him and his team mates looked to each other. Bolin rubbing the back of his head as he stood up adjusting his gear and watching his shaking his head at hearing the same thing. “Light on the feet I know dad!” He called as he took a moment  to do as his father said.

Being light on the feet meant winning or losing a match and they couldn’t lose. They where the underdogs! But they had been winning every match so far and this is what they needed. There was a soft sigh from Bo as he looked back to his father able to see just see something was on his mind. He closed his eyes before looking back to his team mates. “Alright guys lets head up get the real gear on!” Bo said clapping his hands together as he lead his team to the box.

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kid borra because kid borra

In a Different Life [AU Roleplay] 




She smiled more and nodded. “Yeah. A real, live probending match. It’s been awhile since I saw one live. Probably since before you were born, I think.” she said softly, getting a far off look in her eyes for a moment as she looked towards the golden arena. “Yeah, that sounds about right. He and I would sit by the radio when you were sleeping and listen but we never went to one after your birth.”

Which she had never minded. She had been content to sit with Ning’s arms around her as they listened to the radio, Mako asleep in the room over. It had been peaceful and all she needed at the time. It had also been the reason she had stopped listening to the matches once she had left her husband.

"Tonight. We’ll unpack just enough for us to sleep tonight, get some food and then go to the arena. Maybe even a little early for the match so you can look around if you want." she didn’t add it was also so she could visit the old place again.

Ning sat in the car watching his son run off to start the practice, he just staid there looking to the arena. There was so much built up emotions that he had about this place. How many matches had he sat there listening to it with his wife in his arms as they both cheered for the same team and sometimes for the other team. Nights like that seemed to go on for hours and he didn’t mind falling asleep on the couch entangled with her in his arms.

But once she left and Bolin was old enough he listened to them with him and when Bo said he wanted to be in a team he smiled and helped him find a team and started to teach the team the best he could. It was one of their ways of connecting. Growing the bond between them. He opened his door and got out grabbing his own gear before locking the car and making his way to the gym where Bo and his team mates already seemed to start.

"Alright guys. Lets give our what we got into practice and our best out in the arena today. You’re going against the Polar-Rats. They attack first hand. Use this to your advantage." He said looking to the three of them. “Alright we only got twohours in the gym better start up again."

Mako smiled at hearing his mother talk so fondly about pro-bending. He sensed it was something she had enjoyed watching. “I can’t believe you use to watch pro-bending matches mom. He continued to hear her talk about someone, possibly his long lost father, seeing her lost in the story. Mako saw her smile fall, seeing her reminisce of the past. It felt like a painful subject, the things of her past and of his father.

To lift the mood and the tension, Mako chimed up with his excitement. “Well, I’m glad you’re taking me to see one. It sounds like a plan mom.” He began to unpack his clothing, so they can get something to eat and finally head to the arena. Mako glanced at his mom, as he was putting away things, seeing some sadness upon her face. He hoped the pro-bending match will bring a smile on her face, seeing that it was something she enjoyed watching.

Bo and his teammates listened to his father. His father was right. They needed to give their best out there on the arena. This was a big match for them. If they won they it was a step closer to the championship! They would be famous! Him and his father could get a better house and more food! All the food possible! More of all the dumplings possible. They could even give money to the ones on the street. Maybe even have a huge house and let them live there!

Bo had many ideas for the future but right now he should have his head up in the game rather then in the future. “Dad don’t worry! We are going to knock that team out and get a knock out! We’ll win this one in no time at all! No need to worry.” He laughed before turning back to start practicing.

In a Different Life [AU Roleplay] 




As she lead the way to their new home she looked around, listening to the sounds of the city. Ember Island had been peaceful. Too peaceful, if she was honest with herself. Once she had lived in the city, lived in the hustle and bustle, going back to a quiet life had been almost hard. But living away from all of her mistakes she had made here had been good for her.

But she was glad to be back,

She looked to her son, grinning. “How about, as a treat for spending the day with your old mum, a terrible thing I know, I take you to see your first live probending match. How does that sound? Make up for me being so mean?” she was partly teasing. She knew Mako loved her but sometimes she felt like she was holding him back because she was scared one day he would leave her and never come back, leaving her alone again.

It was that which had kept her from quickly agreeing to come to the city when Mako had suggested it. She had never told him they had lived here before. It hurt her too much to think about those times. About the family she was missing.

Ning waited in the car watching the city go by his mind off to the night when she left. He should have stopped her, He should have chased after her made her stay with him for their family. They had a family and they tore it apart just because they couldn’t fix it at all. He laid back in his car waiting for son to come knowing well he was ready to get his mind off it. Practicing with his son always helped. He could see Zasha in him with his caring ways and smile. He was so much like his mother. If only Bolin knew but he couldn’t bring himself to tell Bolin about what happened only about his brother really and even then it was hard. He didn’t want to get his hopes up in seeing his brother. But he was sure he would never see Zasha here in the city. She left that night many years ago.

Ning jumped lightly when Bo got into the car and smiled starting it up and pulling out of the drive way. “Are you ready for your match? I’ll be in the team room from the side. You’re facing a big team. Just remember light on your toes and throw hard. Work with your team mates.” He said as he drove keeping his eyes on the road and kept driving slowly pulling into his parking spot. “Lets get practice over with and ready for your match.”

Mako noticed his mother’s smile and it pleased him to know she was happy that they had moved to Republic City. He was excited to see their new apartment and wanted to see what else the city had too offer. He heard about the sport of pro-bending and that this city was the heart and soul of it, but at the same time a fresh new beginning with a diverse culture and new technology.

He caught his mom smiling at him and returned her smile chuckling at her comment. “Really? You’re going to take me to see a live pro-bending match?” He wrapped his arms around his mom, hugging her, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Mom, you’re the best.” Mako loved his mom dearly, but sometimes, she had a hard way of showing it. There was a distance he felt from her at times when growing up especially when she was off working and making a decent living for the both of them. Despite the struggles they had to endure, they managed to survive it.  

“So, when are going to this match?” he asked, excitedly. Mako didn’t know his mother was a fan of pro-bending or knew about the sport. It made him curious, wanting to ask her questions.

Bolin watched the city go by. It was all he knew. Anything outside the  city would have been so off to him. Which was why he loved the city. It was his safe zone. He loved it there and wouldn’t change it for anything. He had tuned out his dad and let his mind wonder more and more about the up coming match. Just how his team would pull together to win. Just as they had a few other times. But it was all thanks to his dad too. With out his help they would have lost. His father was one heck of a coach and a great earthbender at that. “Dad, I know, light on toes throw hard with the punches. Catch them off guard before they catch you off guard.” He said with a smile as they pulled into the arena.

The moment his father park the car Bolin was out in a hurry. He could see his team was already here, All he needed to do was get there and they could start the basic of their training. Which is just what they did the moment he came in with a smile throwing his bag to the side and moved to them. “Lets get this practice going!” He laughed as they started without his father.

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